What new Aaron Rodgers’ jersey total deal?

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has set a brand new bar when it comes to each relevant contract metric – new income, total worth, real guarantees, cash flow, and so on. So what does that imply for the next man up, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers?

Glad you asked. Even when you didn’t.

Rodgers has two years left on his existing contract, at a total payout of $42 million (including exercise and per-game roster bonuses). His challenge is going to be to have the Packers to disregard or downplay these numbers and to negotiate a deal from scratch. This will likely make a short-term deal like Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins‘ three-year, $84 million deal less practical, considering the fact that it would give the group only one extra year of certainty. And so the structure will extra likely resemble the six-year, $169.25 million deal (with a true assure of $100 million) signed by Ryan.

So what will Rodgers want? Six years, $170 million? Six years, $175 million? $180 million?

Ryan is definitely the first guy to have to $30 million in new dollars; possibly Rodgers will wish to be the initial guy to acquire to $30 million in total worth at signing. A six-year, $180 million contract would do that.

With roughly 60 % of Ryan’s contract totally guaranteed at signing, a $180 million contract for Rodgers would mean that no less than $108 million would be completely guaranteed at signing.

Assuming that Rodgers can get a straight $30 million average at signing, that would result in a considerably higher new-money typical. He’d be having $138 million more than 4 years on of what he’s already due to earn. That’s an typical of $34.5 million in new money.

If that happens (and that is nonetheless a somewhat huge “if”), it will mean that the best with the marketplace has moved a complete $10 million in less than a year, with Andrew Luck‘s $24.five million bumped by Derek Carr‘s $25 million bumped by Matthew Stafford‘s $27 million bumped by Jimmy Garoppolo‘s $27.five million bumped by Cousins’ $28 million bumped by Ryan after which by Rodgers.

What ever Rodgers sooner or later gets, the Ryan deal set the floor. The only question is how higher the ceiling goes as soon as Rodgers puts his name around the bottom line.


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