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Despite being the odds-on favorite to replace Jon Gruden on Monday Night Football, former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning is still unsure what happens next now that his playing days are over.

After receiving the Lamar Hunt Award this week, Manning cheap youth jerseys was asked about his reported interest in landing an analyst job with ESPN.

“I don’t know,” Manning said, via USA Today. “‘Monday Night Football’ is an iconic institution; it has received the Lamar Hunt Award. I certainly enjoy listening (and) thinking about things. This is a second chapter for me that — the best advice I got was, ‘Don’t rush into something. Take your time and think about things.’

“A lot of people seem to know what I’m going to be doing, (and) they haven’t asked me yet or I haven’t been informed. I still feel busy doing lots of different things.”

The two-time Super Bowl champion retired after the 2015 campaign with the Denver Broncos, Manning’s 18th season in the NFL. He has went on the record and said he hasn’t ruled out a return to football at the coaching level during the next phase of his life.

Peyton Manning shared such a special bond with two wide receivers — Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne — that helped the trio break NFL records during Manning’s time quarterbacking the Indianapolis Colts.

So, perhaps it’s not unusual Peyton had something to say about the public display of fondness Eli showed for his star receiver, Odell Beckham Jr., in one of the most popular commercials of Super Bowl LII.

You remember the commercial.
Eli and Odell are running a pass-and-catch drill, when Odell suddenly stops in the end zone and glances wistfully over his shoulder back at Eli. He then runs up and shakes hands with his quarterback, before they both break into their best “Dirty Dancing” moves. All of this happens as the song “Time of Our Lives” plays in the background — just like in the 1987 hit movie starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

Eli and Odell did the handholds, the steps — heck, they even did “The Lift” at the end.

If that scene didn’t make you bust out laughing or at least smile to yourself, I don’t know what to say. (After all, it made the list of Time’s “Best 2018 Super Bowl Commercials.”

Regardless, Peyton had plenty to say about the commercial — much of it tongue in cheek — during a recent interview with The Postgame.

“I loved it. He went for it,” Peyton said. “Eli’s always been fearless and that’s not easy to do, knowing that 105 million people are going to watch you imitating Patrick Swayze in ‘Dirty Dancing.’

“He said he studied a lot of film about ‘Dirty Dancing.’ It’s a different kind of film to watch. It’s not, you know, game film.”

Peyton also talked a little about the bromance a quarterback shares with his top pass-catcher. After all, each of the player’s success is a shared experience.

“Obviously, I pull hard for the Giants and pull hard for Eli,” he said, while making a bonding gesture with his hands. “I love the fact that he and Odell are kind of, sort of, reconnecting. Hopefully that leads to good vibes for the Giants and for Eli and Odell this year.”

Maybe it’s the start of a reconnection that leads to better results for the Big Blue — and their fans —after a disappointing, injury-marred season last year.

Peyton seemed genuinely impressed with his kid brother’s devil-may-care attitude.

“I was proud of them and had a lot of respect. Because, like I said, a lot of people wouldn’t have had the guts to do that.”

Peyton also knows a thing or two about making commercials. Remember the ones he did spoofing himself on his NFL retirement?


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