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Antonio Callaway was extensively considered one of the most talented wide receivers in the 2018 NFL Draft. There was, however, by no means an expectation that he’d be picked as early as his talent would recommend, simply because he’s had a great number of problems off the field of .

Callaway was suspended by the University of Florida for allegedly employing stolen credit card facts to fund bookstore accounts. He was investigated for sexual assault. (A Title IX hearing officer cleared him with the allegations.) He was cited with misdemeanor marijuana possession, and he failed a drug test in the combine with what he says was a diluted sample.

Now that he’s within the league, Callaway has a new mentor in a single of his rivals: Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown. Brown even attended Callaway’s draft day party.

The new Browns wideout is in the identical South Florida region as Brown, and Callaway’s agent says that’s what inspired the connection. “He features a special affinity for the little ones which can be from here,” Malki Kawa told “He’s showing him not only what it requires  to be a pro, but be one of several finest.”

In turn, Callaway is wanting to show Brown some , also. “[Callaway] is attempting to show Antonio that there is a difference in him,” Kawa stated. “And all of the youngsters [Brown] talks to, he can tell them he was a troubled guy, also — ‘I’ve had my struggles, but look what I’m doing, appear how my life has changed for the superior, the fruits of my labor.’ He shows young players this can be attainable, this can be reachable.”

Only time will tell when the Browns’ investment in Callaway proves worthwhile, but getting Brown in his corner can probably only enable his chances.


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